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City Of Longevity

July 2023 – George Lee

Theme: City Living

City of Longevity.
Partnering with Cities for Healthy and Happy Lives

In a world where more people live in cities than ever before, isn’t it time for our urban centres to adapt and become proactive partners in our health and longevity? This is where the City of Longevity programme comes in. The National Innovation Centre for Ageing and Voice are joining forces with cities from around the globe to explore how we can work together at every stage of life to create healthier and happier communities. 

Cities aren’t just faceless entities; they’re where we live, work, where we connect, where we play and where we shop.  Isn’t it time that they take on a responsibility to make our lives better and support our well-being, at every stage of our lives? This is the key idea behind the City of Longevity, where the city walks hand in hand with us through our lives; not only by helping us take up new behaviours to  prevent illness but by monitoring the health and happiness of all the people who live there to and to help us thrive at every stage of our lives. The City of Longevity programme is about empowering cities so they can become our true health partners. 

The City of Longevity is a groundbreaking programme that goes beyond the limitations of conventional programs narrowly fixated on the challenges of just old age. The programme addresses the pressing needs of our communities in the here and now but also casts its gaze far into the future. The City of Longevity is an ally to both our older population and younger generations, ensuring their mutual well-being as they age. It is an all-encompassing approach that cultivates thriving urban landscapes for all ages. 

The City of Longevity programme sees cities as living laboratories, where new ideas are nurtured and transformed into real improvements for all the people who live in them. We have developed a toolkit which can fast-track the transformation of cities communities into vibrant and healthy places to live. 

The City of Longevity Toolkit

City of Longevity toolkit elements

The first City of Longevity conference will be held in Newcastle in July 2023 and will have representatives from Stanford University, The World Bank, City Government of Buenos Aires, City of Tel Aviv, City of Bergamo, City of Coimbra Consortium, City of Berlin, City of Belfast, City of Barcelona and a number of other local and global stakeholders.  

Join us and let’s reshape our urban landscapes together, making health a top priority and creating a future where longer, healthier, and happier lives are within reach for everyone.  


More info. 

You can find out more information on The City of Longevity here. 

If you would like to join our Voice® community and help develop our City of Longevity programme you can find out more here. Voice® is a growing global community of extraordinary ordinary people who are our co innovation partners and a key partner in our City of Longevity innovations. 

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