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Securing Tomorrow:
A Pioneering Approach to Dementia Insurance

In our modern world, insurance has become an integral part of our lives, extending its protective umbrella over our homes, cars, pets, holidays, and our digital devices. Yet, as we find ourselves in a...
Securing Tomorrow: A Pioneering Approach to Dementia Insurance
Unveiling the Hidden Champions: The Impact of Elevating Older Athletes in Society
In a recent conversation with Peter Kennedy, Chairman of the British Masters Athletics Federation, a remarkable insight into the world of older athletes emerged. While the spotlight often shines brigh...
Beyond Coffee and Cake: The Café That Bonds Generations
In the heart of Vienna, famous for its coffee, cake, and cafes, lies a quaint and bustling café called Vollpension. It’s not just any café; it’s a place where the smell of freshly baked tr...
Curiosity and Sobriety: A Generational Shift?
In recent years, there’s been a meteoric rise in demand for low and no-alcohol beverages. This global trend towards moderation has been driven largely by young people concerned about wellness, as part...
Getting fit: Influencers, gamification, and other wellbeing tech dreams
Introducing Gigi Eligoloff, TV producer and age-positive journalist embarking on her inaugural exploration for This Curious Life. With a keen eye for societal and entertainment trends, Gigi delves int...
Financing the 100-Year Life: Insights from Bruno, 80, Italy
Planning for retirement at any stage of life can be daunting, but what about the possibility of funding a 100-year life becoming the new norm? In our series of conversations with people from around th...
City Living. London with Gretchen 71 and Robin 73.
City Living
When it comes to thinking about where we are going to live out our later lives, the image of retiring to the peaceful countryside, basking in the tranquility of nature and leaving the hustle and bustl...