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Do you feel financially prepared to live to 100?
Photography by Andre Taissin on Unsplash

May 2024 – George Lee

Theme: Money

Quick poll —
Do you feel financially prepared to live to 100?

As lifespans increase, more people are reaching the age of 100, making it essential to plan for an extended life. We want to understand your thoughts and feelings about financial preparedness for living to 100. Your insights will help us create innovative financial strategies to support longer, more fulfilling lives.

Living to 100 is no longer a rarity but a growing reality. This milestone presents unique financial challenges and opportunities that require careful planning and consideration. By sharing your experiences and expectations, you can contribute to shaping financial solutions that meet the needs of a population which is growing ever older.

Photography Katelyn Perry on Unsplash

We invite you to take a few minutes to complete our poll and share your thoughts. Your quick input will help us figure out how we can make sure everyone’s financially ready for the long haul of a 100+ years. Your responses will be treated anonymously and used solely for research purposes by the National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NiCA).  Insights from this poll will help NICA advise financial institutions and other organisations to innovate better.