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Purpose in Action: Amplifying Voices for Change

January 2024 – George Lee

Theme: Purpose

Purpose in Action:
Amplifying Voices for Change

Volunteering isn’t solely about giving back to society; it’s a fantastic way to enhance your health, especially as we grow older. The more we delve into research, the clearer it becomes, volunteering isn’t just beneficial for our local communities or wider society it also brings advantages for our own well-being. Our very own global Voice® community stands as a shining example of this. 

Voice members with Gita the robot

Voice members working with Gita the robot.

At Voice, our focus is on purpose-driven volunteering. It’s not only about creating a community dedicated to innovating for better, longer lives for current and future generations, it’s also about how volunteering can make you feel better and healthier. Joining Voice means doing good and feeling good – it’s a win-win situation. 

Purpose-driven Participation

At the heart of Voice, there is a powerful sense of purpose, connecting us all on a meaningful journey. Being part of Voice is more than just being part of a community; it is about finding a place where your story matters. People don’t just join Voice; they become part of a family seeking something deeper—a chance to share their life’s journey, skills, and ideas towards a greater vision of making lives better worldwide. It’s a community where your individuality isn’t just valued, it is valued as a vital part of our common goal to improve the longevity of world. 

"You feel you have been heard, you have been listened to and perhaps what you've had to say may have some effect on something in the future." Voice member

Young Voice members

Our Voice members are all ages.

Nurturing Personal Growth

Getting involved in projects and volunteering with Voice also opens doors to personal growth and self-discovery for every individual who joins. It’s more than just making contributions to how well we live; it’s also about embracing a transformative journey—a journey that is about learning, skills, and newfound confidence. Through active participation, our Voice members find themselves tapping into strengths they might not have realised they possessed. 

"I never went to university, I don't have a degree, I have O levels and that's it. So, to come into the universities and talk to clever people and work with clever people, that was magic, I fell in love with Voice." Voice member

Voice members in the insight suite.

Voice members in our insight suite.

Powerful Partnerships 

Voice is more than a community; it’s a rich and exciting meeting of minds, expertise, and varied viewpoints. We collaborate with everyone from well-known global brands, industry leaders, world-class research institutions, innovative start-ups, as well as humanitarian organisations like the UN and World Health Organisation. Voice has created a space where every member actively influences groundbreaking ideas and solutions that will benefit us all. Every contribution in Voice matters, leading to real and meaningful impacts that goes beyond individual boundaries. Our community is dedicated to making a genuine global difference. 

"You will get the reward of feeling that you in some small way can make a difference. And if everyone contributes that little bit to making a difference, we'll have a better world." Voice member

Voice members working together

Voice members working together in one of our workshops.

Driving Positive Societal Change

At the core of Voice lies a commitment to effecting real change. Members understand the importance of their contributions in reshaping societal views on ageing and well-being. Each voice matters, and by joining Voice, individuals become catalysts for positive societal transformation. 

"I'm not a scientist, I'm not an academic, I'm just an ordinary person and I'd like to play a little part in the future for younger generations" Voice member

Voice members around a table

Voice members working together in one of our workshops.

Shaping a Brighter Future Together

Joining Voice means contributing to a better world for current and future generations. Each unique input shapes a brighter tomorrow. Through purposeful unity and innovation, Voice members become pioneers shaping a brighter future. 

Being part of Voice, “you came away feeling you have been heard, you have been listened to and perhaps what you've had to say may have some effect on something in the future." Voice Member.

Voice isn’t merely a platform; it’s a driving force for positive societal change. Members understand their role as catalysts in reshaping perceptions about ageing, longevity and well-being. Each contribution, no matter how small, fuels the momentum toward a better world, one where every voice counts. 

Joining Voice isn’t just an action for the present; it’s an investment in a brighter future for generations to come. Every unique input shapes our collective tomorrow, making Voice members pioneers in shaping a world defined by purposeful unity, innovation, and compassion. Together, as a global community, we forge a path toward a brighter, more inclusive future for all. 

What’s holding you back from joining Voice and being part of this amazing journey towards making a meaningful impact on a global scale? 

More Information

More about Voice and the benefits of volunteering.

You can read the research on the benefits of volunteering in this research paper. The health advantage of volunteering is larger for older and less healthy volunteers in Europe: a mega-analysis 

Voice® is a global community where every one of us has a vital role. We are a community of people from all walks of life, different ages, and backgrounds. Everyone has life experiences worth sharing. And we want to hear yours.  

Our aim is to find ways to improve our well-being and longevity and shape a brighter and longer future for generations to come. We believe we should all be given a voice in creating a new map for our lives in a world where we are living longer.  

The Voice community is the driving force at the heart of the National Innovation Centre for Ageing looking at every aspect of our lives as we grow older — where we live, learn, work, exercise, shop, eat, travel, the clothes we wear, and how we have fun and love 

As a Voice member you will have hundreds of opportunities and ways to get involved to bring about significant changes and shape a brighter and longer future for you and future generations.  

You can find out more information and ways to join Voice here. 


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