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Survey. Fashion & longevity.

September 2023 – George Lee

Theme: Clothing

Fashion & longevity.

In our ever-evolving world, where the concept of ageing takes on new dimensions, this September we are getting curious about the transformative power of innovative fashion. We are asking, how can the clothes we wear shape our lives and empower us as we age? 

Clothes are not merely fabrics and styles; they are powerful tools that can boost self-confidence, foster comfort, and cultivate a timeless sense of style. Fashion is more than what we put on our bodies; it’s an extension of our identity and a reflection of our innermost selves.  

Take the survey and share your voice.

We are keen to invite you to be a part of our exploration by sharing your insights and experiences. Your voice matters, and your perspective is invaluable. By taking just 10 minutes to complete this survey, you will help us gain a deeper understanding of your unique fashion journey and your relationship with fashion. Your input will contribute to a richer knowledge of the relationship between fashion and longevity. 

You can begin the survey here. 

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