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What if…. We Created an Inclusive Playlist for Care Homes?
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August 2023 – George Lee

Theme: Music

What if....
We Created an Inclusive Playlist for Care Homes?

Imagine stepping into a care home where the sounds of a range of music were being played from Chuck Berry to Elton John to Adele, shattering the stereotype that care homes solely play songs from a bygone era, like those of Vera Lynn. What if we embraced the power of music as a universal language that uplifts, heals, and connects us? What if we curated playlists that celebrated the rich diversity of musical preferences among the people who live and work there? This Curious Life starts to put an inclusive playlist together. 

A Glen Miller record

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Diverse Musical Choices: Rock n’ Roll and Beyond. 

According to the 2021 Census, individuals aged 65 years and over formed most of the care home population (82.1%). The majority of people who are living in care homes will have grown up with rock and roll. What if we recognised that rock n’ roll, a genre now 70 years old, holds a special place in the hearts of many residents? Having grown up with Elvis, Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, residents may still love the rock and roll classics that define their youth.  

Incorporating Modern Classics. 

And what if we acknowledged that today’s music could hold equal significance for residents? By including modern classics and contemporary tunes in the playlist, we could bridge the generational gap and create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels seen and heard. Songs from artists like Adele and Ed Sheeran could spark conversations, creating a sense of connection among residents, visitors, and staff. 

The Therapeutic Power of Music. 

What if we fully embraced the therapeutic benefits of music for individuals in care homes? As we have seen in our Magic of Music story article, music can reduce feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression, while also improving cognitive function and memory retention. With an inclusive playlist that encompasses rock n’ roll and a variety of genres, we could tap into the full potential of music as a healing and comforting tool for all residents. 

A beatles single record

Photo by Nick Fewings on UnSplash

With all this in mind we have created a top 25 This Curious Life Care Home inclusive playlist. Alongside rock and roll classics, our playlist of musical genres and eras could be created to cater to the inevitable wide ranging and diverse tastes of the people living there, to bring joy, to spark conversations, to help people connect. 

This Curious Life Inclusive Playlist: 

  1. Chuck Berry – “Johnny B. Goode” 
  2. Elvis Presley – “Jailhouse Rock” 
  3. The Beatles – “Hey Jude” 
  4. Louis Armstrong – “What a Wonderful World” 
  5. Ray Charles – “Hit the Road Jack” 
  6. Bill Withers – “Lean on Me” 
  7. Carpenters – “Close to You” 
  8. The Platters – “Only You” 
  9. The Beach Boys – “Surfin’ USA” 
  10. Stevie Wonder – “Isn’t She Lovely” 
  11. Neil Diamond – “Sweet Caroline” 
  12. ABBA – “Dancing Queen” 
  13. Johnny Cash – “Ring of Fire” 
  14. Bee Gees – “Stayin’ Alive” 
  15. The Supremes – “You Can’t Hurry Love” 
  16. Bob Dylan – “Blowin’ in the Wind” 
  17. The Rolling Stones – “Paint It Black” 
  18. Dean Martin – “That’s Amore” 
  19. Aretha Franklin – “Respect” 
  20. The Temptations – “My Girl” 
  21. Adele – “Someone Like You” 
  22. Bruno Mars – “Just the Way You Are” 
  23. Elton John – “Your Song” 
  24. Queen – “Bohemian Rhapsody” 
  25. Elton John – “Rocket Man” 

Have we got it right or wrong? What do you think should be included? 

Let us know here.

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