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Age on Trial Podcast: Dissecting Age, Sex, and Society

February 2024 – George Lee, Editor

Theme: Sex & Intimacy

Age on Trial Podcast:
Dissecting Age, Sex, and Society

As the editor of This Curious Life, my passion lies in dismantling ageism and reshaping societal perspectives on ageing. Last year, I introduced Age on Trial, a podcast aimed at probing the evolving nature of ageing and its implications in a world were reaching 100 is increasingly commonplace. The inaugural series boldly confronts the taboo surrounding sexuality and intimacy as it relates to age an ideal fit for exploring these themes in This Curious Life. 

Witness 01 Jackie Marshall-Cyrus

At the heart of Age on Trial is a question that we boldly pose: What has age got to do with anything? Our inaugural trial, ‘Sex and Intimacy versus Age,’ unfolds across 11 episodes — 10 expert witness episodes and a final episode of an intergenerational jury who decide on a verdict.  

In the podcast, the wonderful gerontologist, longevity researcher and innovation leader Ella Moonan-Howard and I explore how our sexual experiences evolve as we move through different stages of life. Through open and thought-provoking discussions with our witnesses, we dive into the complexities of intimacy and age, questioning traditional ideas and gaining a deeper understanding of this often-ignored connection. 

Curating the Age on Trial podcast has been incredibly fulfilling, particularly in providing a platform for voices often overlooked in mainstream discussions. From Rankin, the celebrated photographer, to innovative sex toy designers and insightful psychologists, each guest offers a fresh perspective, challenging common assumptions about ageing and sexuality. 

On a personal level, this journey was eye-opening. Delving into the intersection of sexuality and ageing has shifted my perspectives, broadening my understanding of intimacy at all stages of our lives. 

Through our candid conversations and the wisdom shared by our guests, Age on Trial strives to empower listeners to engage openly with these often-taboo subjects. Our aim is to dismantle societal norms and promote a culture of acceptance and empathy around sexuality and ageing.  

The Witnesses 

Our podcast brings together a diverse panel of witnesses, each offering invaluable perspectives on the intersection of age and sexuality.  

Nurse and longevity campaigner like Jackie Marshall-Cyrus passionately advocates for steering away from stereotypes that strip older individuals of their sexual identity in care settings, urging us to see beyond narrow notions of ageing. Renowned photographer Rankin, on the other hand, offers a visually profound perspective, emphasising the power of imagery in shaping our views on ageing and intimacy, while Joan Price, author and a senior sex toys reviewer, champions ageless sexuality, advocating for the use of sex toys to maintain an active sex life as individuals age. 

Psychosexual therapist Silva Neves delves into the impact of sex education on individuals of all ages, challenging misconceptions and promoting inclusivity in sexual discourse. Eleanor Mills, ex-editor of The Sunday Tims and founder of, provides a nuanced understanding of sex for women in midlife, debunking media stereotypes and advocating for diverse narratives. Ferly’s co-founder Dr. Anna Hushlak delves into the complexities of sex positivity and the importance of mindset in improving sexual experiences across different life stages. 

Advantages of Age co-founder Suzanne Noble brings forth a refreshing openness, encouraging exploration in sexuality and challenging age-related stereotypes. Meanwhile, Randall Yates, the founder of Samson Health, confronts the taboo surrounding erectile dysfunction, stressing the importance of seeking professional help and education. 

Professor. Sharon Hinchcliff, a senior academic, tackles the stigmas surrounding older adults’ sexuality, advocating for a sexual rights framework to support sexual health and wellbeing. Lastly, Jules Chalkley, Creative Head at Ogilvy London, reflects on the impact of media campaigns in reshaping societal perceptions of ageing and sexuality on a global scale. 

Witness 7 Suzanne Noble

Each witness offers a unique perspective, contributing to a richness of insights and experiences that challenge societal norms and foster inclusive discussions about age and sexuality. Through their testimonies, Age on Trial ignites important conversations and inspires individuals of all ages to embrace their sexuality and live life to the fullest. 

In our series finale, a multi-generational jury — from 19 to 88 — deliberates on the crucial question: Does age influence sexuality? Their verdict, drawn from a wealth of life experiences, serves as a powerful reminder of the universality of human desire and the need to challenge age-related stereotypes. 

The jury

Age on Trial aims to ignite conversations that challenge societal norms and encourage inclusive dialogues. By doing so, we aim to empower individuals of all ages to embrace their sexuality and live life to the fullest. Together, we can cultivate a more thoughtful approach to all aspects of our lives, including sex and intimacy. 

New series coming soon! Watch this space. 

More Information

About Age on Trial

You can subscribe to Age on Trial on Apple podcasts or search for it on Spotify, Google or any podcast platform. 

 Witness 1 — Jackie Marshall Cyrus is a nurse, innovator and healthcare revolutionary. You can find out more here.  

 Witness 2 — Rankin is a world renown British photographer, publisher, and film director. You can find out more here.  

Witness No. 3 — Joan Price is an author, speaker, educator and leading advocate for Ageless Sexuality. You can find out more here. 

Witness No. 4 — Silva Neves is Director at the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology. You cna find out more here. 

Witness No. 5 — Eleanor Mills is Founder and Editor in Chief at Noon, Ex Editor of the Sunday Times Magazine. Youc an find our more here. 

Witness No. 6 — Dr. Anna Hushlak is Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Ferly. Top 100 Women in Femtech. You can find out more here. 

Witness No. 7 — Suzanne Noble is Co-founder of Advantages of Age and host of Sex Advice for Seniors. You can find out more here. 

Witness No. 8 — Randall Yates is Founder of Samson Health, breaking through the taboos of men’s sexual health. You can find out more here. 

Witness No. 9 — Sharon Hinchcliff is a Senior Academic, Psychologist, Author and Sexual Rights Advocate. You can find out more here. 

Witness No. 10 — Jules Chalkey is Chief Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy UK, one of the UK’s largest advertising agencies. You can find out more here. 



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